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Eiffel Tower and other puzzles


The 300 meter Eiffel Tower in Paris is made of steel, its total weight comes to 8,000,000 Kg. How high will be a small steel model of the tower, so that it weighs only 1 Kg?


A gentleman on his death bed gave orders to his will, that if his wife, who was pregnant, brought forth a son he should inherit 2/3rd of the property and the widow, the other 1/3rd. But if she gave birth to a girl, the mother should inherit 2/3rd and daughter 1/3rd. The widow, however, delivered a twin, a boy and a girl. What was the portion of each?


A professor wanted to write a book. He wrote 7000 words on the 1st day and 3000 on the 2nd. Next day, he hired a typewriter and typed at the rate of 45000 words a day and completed the book. The average rate for the whole book worked out to be 40000 words a day. How long did he take to write the book.


I purchased an article, the cost price had two digits and I sold it, the digits of the selling price are reverse of those of cost price. The profit is a 2-digit number, the 1st digit is the same as the 1st digit of the cost price and the 2nd digit is the sum of the two digits of the selling price. What is the cost price and the selling price?

Vinaya Kini


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