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From the Desk of the Principal


     Atomic Energy Junior College has an enviable record of academic excellence. I am very pleased to learn that the Maths Club, started in 1992-93, has gathered momentum and moved into a new flurry of activities. The club celebrated 'Maths Week' twice in the current academic year and the Alumni of the college, who were active members of the club, have created a website:

    With this addition to the address of the club, our reachability has become global. It is therefore appropriate that the magazine of the club, is named "MATHAZINE "

    I am sure that the dynamic activities of the maths club, its far-reaching website, and now the Mathazine will provide synergy and interest in mathematics among our students. To say that mathematics is very important for any activity of life in the present day hightech world will not be an overstatement. This magazine will help in creating awareness about the importance of mathematics in day to day activities and also afford an opportunity to open up the horizon for our young and promising scientists and technocrats of tomorrow to come forward and express their views without any reservation.

    I wish the maths club exponential growth in their activities and in the circulation of the Mathazine.




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