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Current Activities

     The Maths Club was very active this year. Well, the club was inaugrated on 31st of August '98. It was witnessed by former Maths Club members and by some mathematics lecturers.

     Our meetings (between the Maths Club members) are held on Saturdays. In one of our meetings, Nimisha (a member) gave a talk on Infinity. Rahul(the representative of the Epsilon group) also gave a talk on Russel's paradox.

     The Maths Club coordinator held a competition in which each group had to solve some questions. Each of the group representatives were asked to act out a certain mathematical word.

     A Maths Week was held from the 15th to the 21st of November'98. During the week each group prepared activities for the other five groups. These activities ranged from quizzes, to treasure hunts to solving brain teasers. All of these were held after college hours.

     The group Infinity were the overall first in these competitions. An article about the Maths Club appeared in the Times of India on the 7th of December '98. Another Maths Week has been planned in the second week of February '99.