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The Amusing number

Exu, a mathematical genius from Mars, happened to visit an earthling to test the ability of the latter, gave him a piece of paper on which he had written an amusing number. "What is amusing about the number?", the earthling asked.

"Find out for yourself" was the reply from Exu who then boarded his flying saucer and vanished.

The poor earthling, not being a genius, spent days and days on the number and finally found out that if he transferred the last digit at the right to the left of the number, he got a number which was an exact multiple of the original number. "So that is amusing" he concluded. But in the excitement of discovering this amusing thing, he lost the paper given by Exu and forgot the number as well. All that he remembers is that it starts with 10112. Now he spends sleepless nightsin trying to recollect the number. Will you please help him?

Beats Me!

Vinaya Kini


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