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Opinion about the Maths Club

The maths club was really exciting and wonderful. It gave us exposure to Maths. We had lots of fun and had a great time.
-Vinaya Kini

It was fantastic! Can't be expressed in words.

A fantabulous end to a great batch.
-Vishal Sagar

MATHS CLUB - The best, right approach and a fun-filled exciting way to discover that MATHS = FUN rather than MATHS = HARD + BORE
-Rahul Mangal

Maths Club - It takes us to a land of imagination wherein we all are given a chance to express our thoughts.
-Kavitha Kannan

The most enjoyable moments spent in the college were with the Maths Club.

First I used to think Maths as "Mentally Affected Teacher Harassing Students", but after joining the club I realised that it was "Most Adorable Teacher Helping Students."
-Meghana Petkar

Oh! I was so nervous while talking in Micro-seminar, but now I am confident of talking in front of an audience. This is all because of the Maths Club. I am thankful to Maths Club which has given me the confidence to talk in public.
-Sweta K

I have come to know how deep the subject Maths is and I think it was a wonderful gymnasium for our brains.
-Vidya Iyer

I think the Maths Club is a great source of inspiration for people like me who consider Maths very tough and boring, but it now seems to be really interesting and enjoyable.
-Asha Varkey

My greatest strength           ****      MATHS CLUB
My greatest asset               ****      MATHS CLUB
My happiest moments in     ****      MATHS CLUB
My favourite passtime        ****      MATHS CLUB
-Anisha Kaul


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