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6 Divide the figure below into 4 congruent parts.







7 When Veronica acquired a Mercedes Benz car in Germany, the first thing she did was to get a licence plate. But her licence plate had a peculiar 5 digit number with distinct digits which when fixed upside down could still be read but the value isncreased by 78633. What was the number on the licence plate?

8 Betty's friend who lived in Talitha Cumi had a horse driven carriage. It was found that the fore wheels of that carriage made 4 more revolutions than the hind wheel in going 96m. However, it was found that if the circumference of the fore wheel were 3/2 as great and of the hind wheel 4/3 as great, then the fore wheel would make only 2 revolutions more than the hind wheel in going the same distance of 96m. Can you find the circumference of each wheel?

9 Haddock's son who was a clever boy went to get 10 quarts of wine for his father. He came across 3 containers which could hold 19, 13 and 7 quarts of wine. The 19 quart container was empty but the 13 and 7 quarts container were full of wine. How was he able to get 10 quarts of wine for his father by using only three of the above mentioned containers ?

10 Jughead had in his drawer an odd number of plain brown socks and even number of plain black socks. What is the least number of brown and black socks such that the probability of obtaining 2 brown socks by Jughead = 1/2, when 2 socks are chosen at random from the complete collection of socks?

11 What will be the day of the week on 1st January 2001? Looks Simple !! No, it is not that simple !! Try it.

12 A wall clock loses 2 minutes in an hour. A table clock gets 2 minutes ahead of the wall clock in an hour. An alarm clock falls 2 minutes behind the table clock in an hour, A wrist watch gets 2 minutes ahead of the alarm clock in an hour. At noon all 4 pieces were set correctly. What time to the nearest minute will the wristwatch show, when the correct time is 7p.m.?

Nandini S.


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