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Special Executive Magistrate
(Govt. of Maharashtra)
National Awardee
Fulbright teacher in USA
Teacher Expert in Kenya
Member CBSE
Member, Governing Council AEES
Regional Mathematics Co-ordinator, NBHM

Senior Principal
Anushakti Nagar



Date: 6-5-93



    I am extremely delighted to know that the Srinivasan Ramanujam centre for Mathematics of AEJC has been very active in 1992-93 as seen by the Annual Report. In particular, articles and discussions on topics ranging from "The Undefined" to 'Recreational aspects of Maths' as well as discussions and debates and Students' Seminars have added and enriched the Mathematical abilities of both the presenters and the participants. I wish that the Maths Club should continue isuch useful venture and show improvement for the benefit of Mathematics .




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