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Mathematics examination of a poor student

The first problem was on series and sequences,
But I already knew the consequences,
All the theorems therein seemed to me the same,
And I had always wondered, why each had a different name.

No use trying it, I thought for my best,
Come what may, I had to clear the test,
I picked up the problem on linear equations for, Cramer was my hero,
Till date I wonder, why I was unable to get the determinant non-zero.

The proof on the theory of probability,
Defied all my common-sensical ability,
I sat down with it and found it a bouncer,
First attempt didn't, second too didn't, neither did the tenth give me the answer.

In this way the time passed,
And problems I had solved none,
Till I came across linear programming,
I resolved to do atleast one.

Graphical simplex I did understand,
I thought it would give me some stand,
But till now I am so puzzled,
I found I had the pencil in the wrong hand.

The matter was serious,
For questions I had to solve at least three,
As you know, the examiners,
Do not give the degree free.

I thought of attempting the problem on co-ordinate geometry,
It is closely related to trigonometry,
I thought I could, so I started to solve it,
But there was an error in the last bit :-
Everyone knows that a line and a circle intersect at points two - not more,
But when I solved it, I got the number of intersections exactly four.

I had wasted some time, so why not some more, but was it easy to fix?
I had to abandon all attempts at the questions, when my number of intersections reached six

It is my advice to one and all,
Be very careful of this subject in the examination hall.

Amit Parihar
(Not a member of Maths Club)


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