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From the Editor's Diary


    Hi friends! I am very happy and also fortunate to be the first Editor of the Mathazine. As you all know, the maths club started in 1992-93 with the help of Mr.Seshan (ex-principal, AEJC) and Mrs.Nandakumar. It has since then been a great success. This year, especially, was a bit more interesting and we came up with some new things. For example, this year we broke the previous records by celebrating one and a half maths week, we went on a trip to Nehru Science Centre and Nehru Planetarium and we also came up with the all new 'MATHAZINE'.

    One can say that the Mathazine is a magazine of the students, by the students and for the students. It has completely been a work of the members of the maths club. This mag contains articles contributed by the maths club members as well as the non-maths club students. It is a combination of maths related questions, poems, compositions and so on. You will come to know more about it as you read it.

    Apart from enjoying picnics and other activities with my club-mates, I now have enjoyed the pleasure of editing this magazine, a pleasure I would remember throughout my life. I just hope that you readers enjoy this magazine more than I enjoyed being its editor. In the end it would only be fair to thank my maths teacher, Mrs.Nandakumar, without whose help, I don't think the maths club this year would have been such a great success.


The Editor


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