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From: "Soumya Krishnamoorthy" < >
Subject: soumya K (92-93 batch)
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 20:22:26 PST


I am Soumya from the 1992-93 batch of the maths club.... Arvind just ccied this mail about the maths club to me.

I am really happy to see that things have progressed so much since our first year in the club. And you can't imagine my excitement when I looked through the web-site. Even the group names seem to have remained the same.

I remember very clearly how Nandakumar teacher asked us one fine morning if we were interested. We were the XI-C class- a mix of comp science and bio students; altogether a very restless class and ready for some excitement. A Maths club seemed like a great idea- the right mixture of math and fun. It's really nice to know that the future batches seem to share that idea. I guess we owe a lot to Mrs Nandakumar and Seshan sir.. without their enthusiasm and help, none of this could have happened.

I was in Mumbai in December and picked up the newspaper one day.. if I remember right, the Education edition of the Times of India. And lo and behold - what do I find there.. an article about the Maths club at AEJC. So the first thing I did was send all my friends from the 92-93 batch a mail about what is happening at the club.

I think one of the nicest things about the club is that I got to know so many people and so well. After AEJC , we split ways into the IITS and me to BITS and others were strewn over colleges in Mumbai. But we still keep in touch and meet everytime in the hols.. one of the major features of our discussion is what we did in the Maths club.

I will be in Mumbai again in June... if I remember right, the college reopens then. I would love to visit you'll and the club. Keep up the enthu and do reply.


PS: I think I have some snaps of the 92-93 batch of the club tucked away somewhere.. If you guys want to use it for the website, let me know.

Soumya Krishnamoorthy
( address: Am too mobile presently for a postal address)

e-mail address :



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